Root Canal Therapy – Fresno, CA

Save Your Tooth with Experts by Your Side

It’s a common misconception that root canal therapy is a difficult or uncomfortable treatment to complete, but the reality is it’s actually not much different than what you’d experience while receiving a dental filling. When a tooth becomes severely decayed, infected, or damaged as a result of injury, you don’t necessarily need to have it extracted. Whether you’re here for a routine exam or visiting for a dental emergency, we’ll do everything possible to begin your root canal therapy when you need it most, so don’t wait to call. That way, our Fresno dental team can end your dental discomfort!

Why Choose Shinkawa Dental for Root Canal Therapy?

  • Calming Nitrous Oxide Available for Nervous Patients
  • Performed Same-Day in Emergency Circumstances
  • Transparent Team of Caring and Dedicated Dentists

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Man in need of root canal therapy holding jaw in pain

The most common sign that you may need to have a root canal performed is when you’re experiencing significant dental discomfort or sensitivity that comes and goes (or doesn’t go away at all.) However, there are other key signs to look out for as well. For example, if you notice your tooth changing in color (typically a dark brown, gray, yellow or black) or there are pimple-like bumps developing on your gum tissue, now is the time to give our Fresno dental office a call and get scheduled.

The Root Canal Process

Dentist smiling at patient prior to root canal therapy

Once we’ve determined that root canal therapy is the best route to restoring the look and function of your tooth, we will create your custom treatment plan and get the process started! When you arrive for your appointment, we will help you settle comfortably into the treatment chair and numb your mouth. Once we’ve confirmed you’re ready to begin, we will use special tools to carefully access the inner chambers of the tooth, remove the pulp, and sanitize the area. Next, we will fill the area with a synthetic gutta-percha material to retain the tooth’s shape and place a temporary crown over the tooth while your permanent one is being made. Following this visit, the area around your tooth might feel a bit tender, but you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever or place a cold compress against the outside of your cheek to help.

Once your dental crown arrives at our office, we will remove your temporary crown and secure the new one in its place. Then, the treatment process is complete. Shortly after, you can resume your usual diet; your tooth will look and feel great too!

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

Man in blue suit smiling while working on computer in office

Root canals come with numerous benefits, including:

  • A root canal can save your tooth
  • This treatment has a high success rate
  • The results are long-lasting with the right care
  • The restorations used are as lifelike as they are durable
  • The treatment process is virtually pain-free

If you are struggling with a painful toothache (or a once-problematic tooth has gone radio silent), then root canal therapy can save your natural tooth. Since the procedure is virtually pain-free and the results are lifelike, there is nothing to fear either! Of course, if you are still a bit anxious, that’s okay – talk to our team about sedation dentistry so you can have the positive, stress-free experience you deserve.